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About Joel


Who am I?

Hello, my name is Joel Krause and I running to be your representative in the US Congress for the 26th District of Texas.

I would like to tell you a little a bit about myself and spend some time on why I am running for Congress and what actions I will take to begin the restoration of the country that I love.

I was raised and worked on a farm my dad managed in Northwest Iowa where I obtained Midwestern values and learned the value of a dollar. I went to Iowa State University and graduated with a degree in engineering. Hired from the college campus, Westinghouse moved me to Odessa TX in the early 80s where I lived and worked for a year, Westinghouse then transferred me to Dallas. Later Honeywell recruited me and I was a sales engineer with them for a few years. During that period of time, with the help of the Dallas Cowboys and a good friend, I started a company that provides video software and hardware products to sports teams for teaching purposes. I have had this business for 28+ years. I have not had a career in politics, although I ran for Ames City Council during my college years. My slogan was “Planning for the 80s”

I have lived a dream, being a farm boy from Iowa, I never could even imagine some of the my experiences; having the ability to roam the field of 3 Super Bowls, attend 3 Olympics, being in Berlin when THE WALL came down, traveling to every state and all the continents except for one, just living after have multiple doctors giving me the advice to put my affairs in order and the experience of being a Dad.

In business I have had several experiences also, working on a farm that my Dad manage was motivating and rewarding.  My Dad encouraged me to attend college and I chose engineering after visiting the University Colleges and found out that companies where coming to campus to hire engineers at a very good salary. I didn’t get the job I wanted out of college, with Trane Corporation, they had done a personality test and found out I was not motivated by money, they paid their sales engineers on a heavy commission program and they wanted people that would be motivated by their program, I feel fortunate to have worked for two large corporations, Westinghouse and Honeywell and the investment they made in me in several training programs.

Having my own business for the 29 years I have learned a great deal. Many times the learning has come from poor decisions and being naïve as many do not have the same values as I do. Sometimes I need to remind myself that being in business for 29+ years I have made many good decisions also.

You know, I believe that our founding fathers believed that citizens would bring their experiences they gained from living and working in America to Washington. They would create, and vote on legislation based on those experiences and went home. I believe that this is the way it should be done! According to a Gallop Poll done in January of this year, 75% of Americans say they would vote for term limits for the US House and US Senate. The poll also indicated that 82 % of Republicans would back such a measure. How long do you believe some one should serve? Our current incumbent, who is a nice guy, will have served 12 years after this term, and is running for more. Why do we keep re-electing the same politicians? Why? One reason is that no one runs. Of the last 5 re-election campaigns, this incumbent has had only one competitor in a primary. So why doesn’t anyone run? Time, money and the Republican Party will destroy you…..that’s what I have been told.

I will overcome these hurdles because I believe this mission important!


I am concerned with our growing deficit.

I am concerned with our lack of secured borders and our immigration problem.

I am concerned with that we are lo longer being governed by or for the people.

I have a passion for this mission!

Committee to Elect Joell Krause
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