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I am a fiscal conservative and have a conservative view of the Constitution.  Any issue will be processed based on our current debt and the legality with regard to the Constitution.  I WILL NOT INTRODUCE, SPONSOR OR CO-SPONSOR BILLS THAT WILL LEAD TO INCREASING OUR NATIONAL DEBT.


Votes:  Differences between Incumbent and Joel Krause

$1.1 Trillion Year-End OMNIBUS Spending Bill -

    Joel Krause - No, Incumbent - Yes, Ted Cruz No, Rand     Paul No, Louie Gohmert No

$500 Billion Doc Fix Deal

    Joel Krause No, Incumbent Yes, Ted Cruz No, Marco     Rubio No, Louie Gohmert No

No Child Left Behind Reauthorization

     Joel Krause No, Incumbent Yes, Louie Gohmert No,     Kenny Merchant No

Increasing the Influence of “We the People” in Washington

The approval rating of Congress is 14% although lobbyist are doing well for their clients in Washington. This is one of our largest problems in Washington leading to a larger debt, high cost of Health Care and less influence of "We the People".

Government's Addiction to Spending, When will we orverdose?

We need to cut spending and raise revenue without raising taxes.  The size of the national debt is a serious long-term threat to the health of the U.S. economy and to the standard of living that our children and grandchildren can expect.  The consequences for the American people will be crushing taxes, higher interest rates, fewer jobs, and more vulnerability to foreign creditors

Health Care Reform- Repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Our health care costs are far higher than other industrialized countries with similar results.  Health Care Lobbyist spend more than any other industry. 


The number one priority of our federal government is the nation's defense.   Currently we spend 2.9% of our GDP on defense, the lowest since WWII.  We need to invest in our defense including cyber security.


I would support legislation banning Muslim Syrian refugees from entering the United States. 

Immigration and Securing our Borders

We need to secure our borders and take down the Welcome sign.  No amnesty.  Birthright is for those who have a legal citizen as a parent.

2nd Amendment Protection

I believe in the Constitution and I will defend it.  The Constitution has made the United States a free and prosperous nation.  I am against any attempt to limit the 2nd Amendment. 

Defend the Constitution of the United States of America

The Constitution is the law of the land, to protect us from government and to protect our liberties.  The recent executive branch has defied the Constitution and Congress has refused to defend this sacred document.  We need to restore the Constitution, reduce the power of the federal government and give power back the states and the people.

Common Core

We should get the federal government out of the business of curriculum and keep local control of our schools


Government should not be in the energy promotion business and should not pick winners and losers.

Term Limits

We should have term limits for those in Congress

Protecting Liberty and the Constitution

We need to fight executive overreach and protect the constitution


I am Pro Life

Veterans and our Men and Women protecting us

Veterans deserve our gratitude and support, we should use troops on the ground when we have a clear path of winning and use over whelming force.


Judges should interpret the law, not make up the law

Committee to Elect Joell Krause
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